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Ageing / Sagging Skin

Research has shown that aging is the result of damage caused to cells by free radicals. These free radicals come from two distinct sources:

1. internally – known as intrinsic aging, including free radicals produced by your own cells when they make energy. It is not directly associated with external factors such as sun or weather.

2. externally – known as extrinsic aging.Extrinsic aging is factored by outside influences such a sun exposure and the environment. This contributes to premature skin aging and skin cancer. Medical and cosmetic scientists now believe that 85 percent of the aging process is due to extrinsic factors.

Collagen is a fibrous protein which is a key component of the skin. It makes up approximately 25% of the total proteins in the body and provides support, elasticity and great tensile strength. The onset of the aging process causes a decrease in the rate of collagen production. Loss of collagen reduces elasticity and strength in the dermis of the skin.

Also, as you get older, dead skin does not shed as quickly and the turnover of new skin cell production decreases slightly.

Gravity is also a big factor in the aging process. It constantly pulls on our bodies including our skin. This is a big factor that causes our skin and muscles to sag. No matter how good of care we take with our body and skin this will still cause our skin to sag over time. We naturally lose our skin’s elasticity. It’s just like when we buy a new pair of underwear and over time through washing and wearing them, the elastic band over time starts to wear out and doesn’t “ping back” anymore. Our skin behaves in exactly the same way. What happens is our elastin in the dermis starts to wear down and we lose our elasticity. Our skin no longer “pings back” like it used to when we were younger.

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Recommended Anti-aging treatments

Skin is healthy and plump with the hint of fine lines around the eyes, firm skin with good elasticity and even tone.

Prevention is paramount to bringing less evidence of aging in later life.

Resurfacing treatments are recommended to increase the cell turnover, hydrate and balance to maintain vibrant skin.

Laser MPL and light therapy for acne or blemish prone skin.

Recommended treatments:

  • Skin resurfacers for acne
  • CACI for age managemen

Fine lines are more evident around the eyes, forehead and expression areas along with a minor loss of skin firmness and tone.

The skin will also be showing signs of pigmentation or sun damage.

A programme of homecare and professional treatments is recommended to help with softening, plumping and smoothing lines and wrinkles and lighten sun damage.

Recommended treatments:

  • CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Lifting
  • Laser MPL
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Resurfacing treatments

The majority of women will become more aware of visible signs of aging and of their own inner aging process as the pre-menopausal years commence. The skin will have lost plumpness, tone and volume, and photo-damage will be noticeable. The upper face will show lack of volume, the mid-face will exhibit structural changes ( deepening naso-labial lines) and lower face and neck will display a lack of skin elasticity. The skin will be drier from reduced oil secretions.

A skincare programme incorporating exfoliation as well as deeper resurfacing and peels will enhance collagen and elastin production to stimulate rejuvenation.

Recommended treatments:

  • CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Lifting
  • Laser/MPL
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Radio Frequency
  • DermaPure Rollering
  • Resurfacing treatments

The skin is in the advanced stages of aging and will be dry with developed wrinkles and deeper lines. Pigmentation, sun damage and loss of firmness and elasticity of whole face and neck will be visible.

A combination of therapies will be required on a regular basis to reverse the visible signs of aging.

Recommended treatments include:

  • CACI Ultimate Non-Surgical Lifting
  • Laser/MPL
  • Radio Frequency
  • Peels
  • DermaPure Rollering
  • Skin peels/resurfacers
  • CACI non surgical face lift
  • LED light therapy
  • Laser IPL
  • Skin tightening with radio frequency
  • DermaPure roller


How do I know which treatment to book in for?

Your skin specialist will determine this for you during your free consultation

Which anti-aging treatment is best for me?

Your therapist/clincian will conduct a free comprehensive consultation to assess your skin’s needs and identify your concerns. They will then recommend the best course of treatments to match your requirements. Combining different therapies is sometimes suggested to achieve optimum results so a bespoke package will be designed just for you.

Do the treatments really help?

Yes, all the treatments have been carefully selected to ensure that you achieve results. All have clinical evidence to prove that they work.

I have acne but I am also concerned with fine lines and wrinkles. Do I need to have 2 separate treatments?

There are treatments that will address both concerns in one session. Your specialist will inform you of these to make sure that you minimise your costs.

Can I try a mini facial to see whether I like the treatment before I book a course?

Yes you can have a mini or half facial to ensure you enjoy the treatment.

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