Our cellulite treatments reduce the size of fatty deposits and the appearance of dimpling where cellulite occurs. The treatment uses radio frequency, and a mechanical G5 massage to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage. Combining these two of technologies helps to shrink fat cells and aid lymphatic drainage and circulation as well as firming and smoothing the skin by stimulating collagen production. Most clients find the treatment to be relaxing and comfortable, and are able to return to normal activities immediately.

You can cometimes see changes to the skin immediately following treatment but a gradual improvement of the treated area should be seen following the fourth treatment, with the skin surface of the treated area feeling smoother, firmer and tighter. Results in size reduction will be most evident after 8-10 treatments although for optimum results anywhere up to twelve treatments may be required. Following the course maintenance sessions are advised, with 1 or 2 treatments every 6 months being the norm.

Skin Tightening

Skin slackens on all parts of the body as we age, but most people are primarily concerned about the detrimental effect that it has on their appearance, especially the face, which is their main window of communication to the world.

Most of us would prefer not to have slack skin and would love to see it much tighter and plumper. At Ultimate Skin Clinic we can help you with this! Using our highly efficacious radio frequency treatments, along with our light based treatments, we can tighten and lift the skin in a very natural looking way with some long lasting results. Our focus is on stimulating your skin’s natural collagen production, which is responsible for keeping the skin taut. By activating the collagen at a deep level, causing a lifting and tightening reaction, your own skin can work wonders, and our clients are frequently surprised and delighted to see the results themselves! By using radio frequency instead of more invasive treatments, the complete look is more natural. There is the added benefit of a much fresher, and generally more youthful appearance.

Our clients that have tried it love it. It is a lovely relaxing treatment with involves heating the skin up to an ideal temperature of 41-42 degrees centigrade. This is the optimum temperature to stimulate the production of collagen, without causing any tissue damage. The aesthetician uses an infra red device to take the skin temperature before the treatment. A cool conducting gel is applied to the epidermis (skin surface) of about 2mm in thickness. This will bring the skin temperature down a couple of degrees or so; therefore the temperature is taken again, before the treatment commences. A small circular handpiece is gently rolled across the skin area to be treated until the ideal temperature is achieved. Once that temperature has been reached, the aesthetician moves on to the next small area to be treated, until the whole of the area has been raised to the level at which collagen production has been stimulated.

Altogether a unique and effective treatment we know you will enjoy.