LVL lash lift at Ultimate Skin Clinic.

LVL lash lift at Ultimate Skin Clinic.

I have been very excited to share this blog with you all and give you a little insight into one of my favorite treatments! The main reasons that I love this treatment is because of the instant results & the reaction from the client when they get to open their eyes and see what their own natural lashes have achieved-albeit, with a little help.

The LVL treatment itself takes around 45 minutes, that’s 45 minutes where quite frankly you don’t have to do anything other that lie back with you eyes closed. Take full advantage and have a nap if you like or we’re always happy for a little chat.

During the 45 minutes a series of serums are used on the lashes to reset the shape, volumise and nourish the lashes before finally colouring (tinting) them. With the ends of you lashes being so tapered naturally the ends can look colourless by adding colour it the creates the appearance of added length and giving them that extra ‘WOW‘ factor.

This treatment does not hurt or feel uncomfortable at all! With the results lasting up to 6 weeks they are maintenance free, another bonus!

I’ve added before and after photos so that you can really see the full effects of the LVL treatment.

I hope you’ve found this helpful, we’re always here to answer any questions.

Cara x

*patch test required minimum of 48 hours before your treatment.