Massage Therapies

In today’s hectic world, nothing is more relaxing or rejuvenating than a professional massage.

When massage is used as a frequent therapy the benefits increase, the more you have the more it does. You simply can not deny it’s true the power. Regardless of the words we use to describe it, pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic, the reasons that we seek it out vary. Some use it for stress relief, others for pain management, whereas many see it as a luxurious treat. Whatever your concern, massage therapy can be a powerful ally in your healthcare regimen.

The Health Benefits

Experts estimate that 90% of disease is stress-related. Nothing ages us faster (internally and externally) than high stress. It would be difficult to eliminate anxiety altogether in this fast paced world but without doubt, massage can help.

There are so many benefits, physiological, psychological and emotional, that if you have never had a massage before, now is definitely the time to get one.

Full body

The benefits of massage are numerous and this treatment is fast becoming the most popular.

of complementary therapies available. A good massage can help reduce swelling, increase digestive health, enhance the circulatory system, alleviate stress and rejuvenate the body and mind.

60 minutes Massage


Bespoke Massage

Let us tailor-make a massage following an in-depth consultation to determine which areas of the body are in need of attention and healing. Whether you need an intense leg and foot massage, or you would prefer a lovely arm, hand and shoulder pamper session to take your tension away, let us design the ultimate massage for you.

30 minutes Massage


60 minute Massage


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