The latest ultimate skin tightening treatment is fractional RF (radiofrequency) micro-
needling. Combining these 2 advanced therapies gives incredible results without the need
for surgery, purely working with the body’s natural ability to heal and repair by producing
Unlike other collagen induction therapies and skinlaser procedures, absolutely no removal
or damage is inflicted on the epidermis

What is fractional RF?

Fractional radiofrequency devices deliver thermal energy to the dermis or subcutaneous
tissue via microneedles. Thermal injury can be precisely controlled with temperature speed
and delivery settings ie needle length. Partially denatured collagen stimulates new collagen,
elastin and hyaluronic acid formation leading to tighter more youthful looking skin.

This procedure is ideal for:

-fine lines
-stretch marks
-large pores
-acne scars
-scars from injury or surgery
-loose, sagging skin

What is the cost?

Each session individually is £250, a course of 3 can be purchased at £600 payable in 2
instalments if required
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