If your skin is looking less than perfect, skin peels are a great way to freshen up dull, dry or damaged complexions. They can also be used to treat blemishes, sun damage and other signs of aging.

Whatever your skin’s requirements an aesthetic peel at Ultimate Skin Clinic will deliver a total skin health regimen to accelerate natural exfoliation, boost cell renewal and deliver deep hydration results.

Unlike TCA and strong acid peels, our resurfacing peels work by a process of induction NOT destruction. Destructive peels injure the skin causing inflammation, burning and even blistering, requiring a down time healing process from 7 to 10 days. Our Dermaquest peels work by inducing a ‘stimulatory’ effect on the skin to cause:

  • invisible cell level skin exfoliation = youthful radiant glow
  • increase in structural proteins such as collagen and elastin = lifting and firming effect
  • increase in skin moisture retention matrix = increased resiliency and skin hydration


Q: Do I need to prepare my skin first?

A: Yes, we would only ever perform a peel on a client after they have prepared their skin by using homecare products containing AHA’s for at least 2 weeks before treatment.

Q: What will my skin look like after treatment?

A: If skin is prepared properly pre-treatment you may not experience anything other than more radiant and rejuvenated skin post peel. Depending on which peel is selected, some clients skin may experience some minor flaking and dryness which is perfectly normal as the old skin gives way to fresh, young skin.